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"Surfing Emotions"

Your Gateway to Understanding and Mastering Emotions!

No Longer Afraid of Monster Waves 

Emotions and Feelings are known to be troublesome companions. They throw us out of our comfort zone and make us dive deep below the happy scale. So we have developed many ways to deal with them: We repress or overly express them, turn them into eternal stories, and get addicted to diversions. 


How about putting them to better use? That´s what we will do in this Workshop. Keep reading.





Introduction to Surfing Emotions

February 03,  2024

6:00 - 8:00 PM CET 


The Introductory Evening is donation-based.


You will receive a link to Paypal with confirmation mail.

You are free to choose.


What Are Emotions?

There is much confusion around this question.

What triggers them?

Where are we storing them?

How do I get rid of them?  


The fact is, we don´t know them well. We are not being taught to understand them as helpful friends.


In this Workshop we will take a closer look at how we could put them to work for us!

Once I Recognize An Emotion, Then What?

Put it to work! Understand what "family" it belongs to and know what kind of message it is bringing you. Fear is alerting you to weakness at your border. Shame is telling you that focus is turned inside out!


In this Workshop I will introduce the Families of Emotions as a basecamp for orientation.

Introducing Emotional First Aid Gear

Two hours is not a whole lot of time. (If you signal interest, we can always continue the work). Understanding emotions is an intricate process and deserves attention.

But for today let's do this:

I will hand you a First Aid Kit you can put to use on yourself and your clients.

If You Are Ready to Take Positive Action

Join my introductory Workshop on February 3rd! I am already working on Workshops to continue this learning. 

This event is donation-based.

Thank you for honoring my work.

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