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This Is How Easy It Is

1. Choose Your Package
Would you like a 30-minute Power Coaching session? Or an in-depth 60-minute session? Or would you like to book a cost-effective Coaching Package? Or are you looking for a trial conversation with me?


2. Choose Your Appointment
Once you have clicked on your package and chosen your appointment, you will be directed to Paypal to pay the fee. This is also your invoice.


You will receive an automatic email with appointment confirmation and the Zoom link.

Do you need to change your appointment?
No problem. In the confirmation email, you will find a link to reschedule your appointment.

Click Here to Book

Bitte beachte die Währung, da ich Zahlung in USD und  in EURO anbiete.

Coaching is a matter of trust. And because the personal connection is so important, I offer new clients a free initial consultation. What in your life could be better? 

Of course, you can book a single session of 60 minutes!

But maybe the package-of-6 is more cost-effective and more in line with the scope of our task? Let´s talk about it!


The All-Time Favorites

Many of my clients have power jobs and little time. For them, I created the 30-minute Power Coaching with fast access. Often the lunch break is the only time available to bring things back into alignment. 

I work with 2 different oracles:

The 36 Lenormand Cards show you the energetic sequence of your Life NOW: It´s like a storyboard.

The classic I-Ching will inspire you to new thinking in old situations to achieve better results in your life. 

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