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Do I Get Enough Sleep

If you're interested in the topic, you might enjoy supporting me with my book project.

The book "Midnight Mountain" deals with sleep and its far-reaching effects on our lives.

To substantiate the book with concrete experiences, I am asking for your help!

May I invite you to a 30-minute interview where we can discuss your personal experiences with sleep and dreaming?

As a token of gratitude, I offer you free coaching corresponding to the duration of our interview.

Of course, I respect your privacy and will treat all the results of our conversation confidentially.

Once you sign up, you will automatically receive a Zoom link.

"Hello, I am Birgit Kersting,
Welcome to Midnight Mountain!"

A little bit about me: "I worked as a director for many years. In 2018, I made a radical change in direction and became a coach. I underwent training for over 5 years to become certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and as a Wayfinder Life Coach and Focusing Coach. I started as a psychological coach.

I work online in German and English, providing support to clients worldwide.

My coaching focus: "My coaching work centers around inner work, personal growth, and inner guidance. I assist clients in decision-making processes and with anxiety and sleep issues."

The book project: "I am currently working on a book about the thoughts and emotions that hinder our sleep. It is titled 'Midnight Mountain.' For this, I am seeking input from potential readers. My goal is for my book to provide valuable insights to people about why we spend sleepless nights pondering insignificant matters and how we can change this.

That is why I am asking for your experiences.

Please take a look at my project and sign up for a approximately 30-minute interview."

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The Idea for The Book

The Midnight Mountain as a Metaphor for the Nighttime Experience

The Midnight Mountain is a metaphor for the nighttime experience when our thoughts and feelings circle around and build up before us like a mountain. We create it through negative thinking and fear that robs us of sleep. It is intended to be a book that serves as a navigational aid for us. Where is the mountain? How high is it? How do I climb up and come back down?

Sleep, Anxiety, and Good Health

The book explores the causes of poor sleep and the fear associated with it. These include trivial thoughts that can spiral out of control, heart-racing anxiety about the future, and the tendency to invent vivid scenarios that keep us awake, even though they are unlikely to ever happen.

This mountain has a significant impact on our daily well-being. It affects our emotions, moods, and performance.

By learning to understand it, we can also overcome it.

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All animals, from insects and single-celled organisms to fish, birds, mammals, and humans, need sleep. The biological significance of sleep is well documented. A human needs about eight hours of sleep, ideally evenly distributed around midnight.

But our culture has evolved differently.

We sleep too little, and the ability to travel long distances across time zones has a significant impact on our internal clock, the circadian rhythm! The important second phase of sleep in the afternoon is no longer possible in our everyday work life.

In our interview, I would like to know how often you experience the midnight mountain, what kind of thoughts keep you awake, and what solutions you have found for yourself.

The interesting thing is that almost everyone I speak to is familiar with this midnight mountain!

That's why I'm asking.


We know that sleep has a significant impact on our health, including coronary issues, mobility, energy, emotional states, and our body's ability to heal itself.

During the three different phases of sleep, our brain works to sort, declutter, and structure our memories by shifting files from short-term to long-term storage. When we shorten or interrupt these sleep phases, this process is disrupted, which can negatively affect our health.

In our interview, I would like to hear about your personal sleep habits and experiences.


There are many theories about why and how we dream, and I leave it to the scientific community to find definitive answers. I am not a researcher; I am a coach.

Since I often work with dreams in my coaching sessions, I want to dedicate a part of the book to helping the reader understand the potential and messages of our dreams.

"Why have they come to me at this particular time?"

"Why do they keep recurring?"

"What are they telling me?"

If you have frequent dreams and recurring dream themes, I would like to hear about them in our interview.

By the way, a brief dream analysis could make for a great coaching session.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

I hope that you will soon be able to benefit from my book.

But before that happens, I would like to offer you something of value. As a thank you for your time, I am providing you with a complimentary coaching session that matches the duration of our interview.

It's my way of saying thank you.

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