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A clear No!

Dear blog friends,

I recently pulled my watercolor paints out of the drawer, borrowed some more from my daughter, and I'll soon be filling the four empty spaces in the paint box with relish.

Of course, I could get into it to report how it all came about. An inspiration, an artistic impulse, the search for suitable material and "ready, steady, go...." But it wasn't like that at all. It was an inner process.

First, a memory of my old watercolors emerged from the depths. I looked for them and of course, I didn't find them! I am just not a good archivist, give away most of the things I create. For me, they are traveling messages. I am happy when they bring joy to others and I don't want to collect anything. I am just a nomad.

Then I first cleaned the lid palette. New brushes had to be too, because- like my carving knives- my brushes got lost in the move. Strange...

I've been thinking about my expectation of my small works and found that they are not subject to ambition. It's more about softening my mind, it's about creating a little distance between me and my thoughts.

The quiet, inner space

When I can move out of immediacy in this way, a very quiet, inner space opens up. From here, the thoughts lose their pressure, their heaviness, and I have the possibility to classify them without fear or judgement.

This inner space, however small, is very meaningful. It gives us inner freedom and enables us to view every event proportionally. From here, we are not easily drawn into turbulence. I believe this is the lesson of this time:

We may face changes with more serenity and first, marvel at them calmly before we take a position - perhaps hastily. Every time was and is subject to change; our time is ultra-fast. It's a wild ride, but we will learn to embrace it. As we always have. As mankind has so many times before.

We develop inner spaces to check whether all the upbeat messages really, really matter. We check to see if they are in tune with our inner voice. This small moment is often all-important to our well-being. How many times in life have we passed over this moment, only to acknowledge it later - often too late - with "I wish I had..."?


When I recently saw the storm approaching from the window of my office, the birch trees in a threatening slanting position, I painted this energy on (some) envelope.

I share this moment with you. I gave color and shape to my first fear, that the trees might fall on my just-occupied cottage and destroy it. And again, I observed the same thing:

I immediately calmed down, even felt like I could positively influence the energetic field as I swirled the brush in the water jar. It was as if the time to perceive everything that is right now had slowed down.


What I want to share with you is the possibility of equalization. This free space that can arise around you, this buffer zone, will give you direction and steadiness. If you devote just a few minutes to a creative pursuit, writing a sentence, entering an idea in your journal, painting an envelope, watering flowers, or crocheting a potholder-this purposeless creating, is a vacation for your mind.

Now we are living through a war. We are stunned at its futility, at all the lies that are being spread around it, we are angry at the self-proclaimed omnipotence of one man. But are you also proud of all those who are keeping their cool right now?

The inner no

I have confidence in our shoulder-to-shoulder attitude. I have confidence in our prudence and I know that the cosmos will do its part. Today I am not painting, today I am writing to you. I feel my breath and the space that I can clear for us.

I would like to share with you a technique from the I Ching that will help us in suddenness and in exciting situations. I am talking about a threefold spoken Inner No.

Put your hands on your heart, take a few calm breaths without affecting the breath. Realize that you are being"breathed." It gives us a sense of security and being taken care of.

Now, to the matter that is bothering you, near or far, speak a silent, but heartfelt, inner "No." Three times. Observe what happens. Inside yourself and outside. Perceive that in any case "something" has happened, even if it is something small.

The Inner No has helped me in many many situations. Change comes on quiet paws. It avoids exterior conflicts. The technique is ancient, yer effective.

Try it. Let me know what it did for you!

Remain calm and welcome new times,


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