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Cherry Trees and a Wooden Ladder

Dear reading friends, and dear coaching enthusiasts, welcome!

To those who are just flying over from my Facebook Group "BetterME gently" a very warm welcome and thank you for taking this effort.

I have said it many times and forgive me for saying again: I love coaching. What I love best is the realm of inner images, worlds, places, and characters from someplace in our soul that we don´t know and yet know so well. I seem to get any client into screenwriting an internal blockbuster to find the puzzle piece that was missing to move on in life. (Maybe that is because of my long years working as a director).

But I also love being coached. This morning I had the pleasure to be coached. A deep issue was resolved within 60 minutes, across the globe, across the seasons, and across time zones. While I am freezing at 0°, she rolls up her sleeve. By the time I get up, she has already cooked dinner. But we always find a perfect time.

The story we went through this morning, my inner story was thrilling. It felt very real as I produced the images from someplace deep inside of me and looked at them in awe. It takes a little bit of trust to stay tuned because we are used to ciómmunicate with words. But our brains produce images of the same quality. Those images are the keys to our emotions and keys to unlocking them. Turn, release and go forever.

(Deep sigh...)

So my issue was that there is a certain goal that I am trying to get to, but something is holding me back. No, I am not procrastinating, and I am not avoiding doing the work (I chip in many hours), but it feels like I am beating around the bush. Do you know what that feels like?

At that point, self-doubt usually enters the stage. "Am I able to do it? Maybe I am not meant to do just this...? I don´t have what it takes...?" Lala Lala.

So my coach decided to do bodywork (being a Focusing Coach I especially love that! The body knows everything about you, it just takes a little exercise to establish the relationship and to learn its language, which is - surprise, surprise- images!)

So I see this transformer-like warrior, 3 stories high pacing up and down in front of what seems to be a prison wall, but this prison only has one wall. To the front. Behind me, I see an incredibly beautiful alone landscape, Montaisn, and meadows. I don´t seem to be very high up, more at the foot of the mountains. It´s summer. It smells of hay and high grass. There is a soft wind.

The warrior. I somehow know his name. Joha. And now that I take a closer look at him, I realize that he seems fatigued. Sad almost. And I suddenly know that he will not injure me. And an instant later I realize that that is exactly how I feel. Fatigued, sad, and driven by a yearning. It´s him. I am feeling his feelings, even though someone (unknown in this episode) must have hired him to keep me under guard.

He is midnight blue. He is made of a material I don´t know, it is flexible but at the same very hard. Indestructible. I can´t see whether or not he carrying a weapon, I can´t see it and it doesn´t seem to be important because he does not threaten me. He watches me with the big eyes of... a whale.

It seems that I am not just running away because I feel for him. We speak without words. And he tells me that he is exhausted and that he does not want to do this job anymore, that he wants to return home. my warrior is homesick, so much so, that my eyes water.

I ask him where he would like to go. I am turning into a rebel.

I am about to help him escape. Joha, my friend...

He carries me in his hand like an injured bird. We leave the place only to arrive at the shores of the arctic sea. Blues and whites. Blues, like notes. Whites like open spaces. Infinity.

Before he goes (Is he going to drown himself, oh no!) he closes something into my hand.

In an instant, he is gone. Out there in the icy waters, accompanied by a polar bear. He is still standing tall, but soon, very soon, too soon, his silhouette melts into the background and he is gone. We have been together for so long...

Tears, Soft and sad. And relieving.

I open my hand to see what he has given me. I can´t see any object, but suddenly I change location, I am back in the lower regions of the mountains. In front of me an array of very tall, very old cherry trees. A tall, tall wooden ladder. I seem to know why I am here. To harvest. The cherries are a bright red, filled with sweetness and sunshine. Someone has hung baskets in the trees, and I start filling them.

I understand that the ladder represents support. I am supported, I can climb up as high as I choose to. No one in interfering. The cherries symbolize abundance. everything I will ever need is there.

I sit under the tree, a little sad because the big WHY is circling around my head, but finally disappears into the clouds.



I can now move on.

The feeling of being stopped is gone and regain my energy. His fatigue is gone, I know he is fine wherever he is and he is still there. Somewhere out there.

Did I already tell you that I love coaching?

Be well, my friends, and turn to me whenever you feel you need to.

Birgit (and Joha)


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