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Log Your Wins!

Dear blog friends.

Today I celebrated today my little notebook which is coming to an end and therefore asked for attention.

It says:

It's been a difficult transition. In the middle of a pandemic. Into a completely new field of work. Inexperienced with social media as a means of self-expression. Working on Zoom.

But here I am.

And here YOU are! I greet you cordially!

The little book reminds me that I was very successful working as a director, shooting commercials and corporate videos for companies. It was great fun, it says, it was exciting, breathtaking, and sometimes a little scary. There was always a lot going on and it was nice to be with my crew.

But things change...

One day we know that our personal world has changed, that the outside world is changing and that WE will have to change with it. I had seen it coming for a while. And so I have been preparing for my transition into Coach-dom minutely.

Because this is my dream: to work as a coach, as a mental healer, and as a writer.

The little notebook chuckles. And is true, you can prepare as much as you want, and you may be the world champion in planning but nonetheless, things will take their own course! That's partly because they spring from our logical minds and rarely match what our wiser self is trying to tell us.

About that time I started this little notebook and thought to myself, "don't whine, just write down the good stuff. Every day, even if it is just a small thing."

And that's how it started. My logbook of wins.

Every time someone said something nice, I wrote it down. I printed and cut out friendly emails, copied notes, scribbled pictures, and recorded inspirations.

And so I made it through a valley of tears. Nothing seemed to want to unfold the way I had originally planned it. I had to give up my freshly rented coaching office in the city because we were not allowed to work. Pandemic, remember?

Then I had the idea to restore the wooden cabin on our property, affectionately known as "the hut" and guess what? I encountered obstacle after obstacle.

But I never cried to my notebook.

No, on the contrary, every time something worked out well, I celebrated it. I made it bigger than it really was, and I encouraged myself with a growing collection of niceness.

The hut was a time of crisis for me, so forgive me when I talk about it some more. When the first generation of workers appeared in flip-flops I had a bad premonition. And sure enough, they disappeared without a trace the day they realized they had cut the wood for a new roof way too short. I don't have to remind you that back then, during the pandemic, it was almost impossible to buy materials. Especially wood. So we waited for the next delivery. Six, eight weeks.

The day the new planks arrived, I celebrated in my little book!

The delivery man was supposed to unload the heavy load at the curb (which in my case is about 60 yards from the house) but he was so impressed with my joy that he offered to transport it all the way to the house (he had a forklift).

It's still one of my greatest entries. The gentleness of this man.

Later, a carpenter came from France to fix what had been messed up. He stayed with us (too long) and he became my next challenge. (I thank all my Wayfinder coaching friends who supported me during that time). But today, I admire his handiwork every day and thank him for it (entry in the book).

And then one day, it was finished. My hut.

I remember we painted the walls during the Christmas season- the paint was running off the wall from the cold. But it still dried beautifully and was spotless (note in book).

In the meantime, I studied life coaching with Martha Beck. The pandemic was perfect timing, and aside from my great Wayfinder knowledge, I got to learn how to deal with time zones, and how to build relationships through Zoom.

My little book of wins grew thicker.

Then came the time when I wanted to find the first customers. During this time, the little book became my closest confidant. But instead of self-doubt, instead of recording moments of despair, I wrote down what was good.

So my little log is brimming with joie de vivre. And that's the whole point. All of a sudden you look at things with loving patience, with joy at your own perseverance. I am really looking to a fresh book, but I am also a little sad because I have grown attached to my first book of wins. even though the worst times are over!


I've made coaching friends and found my clients whom I am allowed to help navigate through high tides. And I am loving it because I know how it feels. The little book says:

Every cloud has a silver lining.

This is why I wanted to share with you the relieving quality of logging your wins.

Write it all down!

Every single day, especially if you are passing through a wild territory called


I'd love to be your guide if you need one. All you have to do is bring your little book.

Best wishes and really looking forward to hearing from you. That´s what the comments are for. Tell me how you feel.


Translated with

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