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The Importance of Cosmic I-Ching in Modern Life

Hello, hello!

For the next 3 minutes, you will be immersed in a magical world, the world of the


I have been studying this Chinese work for several years and, having understood the depth of this oracle, I have never put it down. The book cover wilts every 2-3 months and I have to renew it. Wrapping paper, washi tapes, and whatever images seem appropriate to the moment. It's alive.

Almost everyone has heard the word "I Ching" at some point, but very few know what they could do with it. Let alone that it can be one of the most effective life aids I know of. And I am a seeker!

I am trying to convey the meaning of the I-Ching to a broader audience.

Workshop, English

January 21, 2022, 19:00 CET

contribution 150€

I will teach an introductory Online Workshop in English. (I am really nervous already!)

It will be the basis for further workshops. Here is some essential information about knowing what to expect:

If we think of life as a sum of waves, waves that go up and down, that plunge us down into deep despair and that lift us back up into euphoric spheres - then that's about what the Book of Changes deals with. It balances.

By the way: Author Hanna Moog* corrected me here: the I-Ching is not about Change, it is about transformation. The difference is that change does not last because the I-Ching sees it as a temporary rearrangement of things on a material level. Transformation on the other hand happens on an energetic level and influences the arrangements of life permanently.

In particular, the I-Ching deals with two energetic cycles, yin and yang, which, through these up and down movements, tell us when we have gone off course in life. The I Ching - in simple terms - tells you what part of the wave you are presently riding and what the implications are for you. It names solutions and makes suggestions for a correct inner attitude to make the outcome of your question, and your conflict more harmonious. For all involved, by the way.

Although the I Ching is several thousand years old, it found its way into our Western culture only at the beginning of the last century, namely when German missionary Richard Wilhelm delved into the Chinese worldview of the Dao. People like C.G. Jung, Hermann Hesse, Albert Schweitzer, Martin Buber, and Hermann Graf Keyserling immediately understood the immense importance of this work and incorporated it into their work. Thus, Herman Hesse's book "The Glass Bead Game" has a whole plot line dedicated to the I-Ching.

In the '90s a new edition of the I-Ging appeared, which I would like to mention in particular, because it has become the basis for my coaching, my self-healing, and for my worldview. I am talking about the book "I-Ging, the Cosmic Oracle" by Hanna Moog and Carol C. Anthony.

I've done several podcasts with Hanna Moog in German and we are set to record the first English Podcast on January 3rd, just in time for the new Workshop.

This (cosmic) version of the I Ching is addressed to us, modern people, techno freaks, world travelers, and restless money seekers. In other words to anyone who seeks abundance in the outer world and has troubling times finding it.

In this modern interpretation, the intention (to bring people to more harmony, to solve conflicts) does not vary from the original. The basic structure of the I Ching (consisting of 64 hexagrams) has not changed either.

The difference lies in the introduction of the sage, which could be described as a benevolent, knowing field of consciousness. It is not a person, a guru, a spirit, or anything that symbolizes an abstraction of an altered human being. It is a field of consciousness. It takes a moment to learn that. At least it took me some time.

This sage (field of consciousness) speaks to us when we turn to the I Ching with a question about our life. It leads us to a certain hexagram and thereby points out the interfering fields and advises us on how we could behave harmoniously. It draws our attention to misguided ideas, to false beliefs that have led us astray. And it names so-called "poison arrows", wounds that mostly originate from childhood and are deeply embedded in our psyche.

The sage is surrounded by an army of Cosmic Helpers. The name already describes them very well. They are also fields of consciousness that can and above all want to get in contact with us!

We are the ones who do not pay attention to this beneficial communication and do not aks for support.

These Cosmic Helpers are able to solve our conflicts on the way of transformation. Suddenly the conflict is solved. Without a lawyer.

We learn to keep conflicts away from us with an "inner no" and then let the Cosmic Helpers correct them.

That's the very short version.

Maybe my blog has struck sparks. I'd love that and I promise you it's worth it!

Translated with

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