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To Be a Super Hero for 5 Minutes

Dear blog friends,

Let's start 2023 off with a challenge. To be a superhero or heroine for a few minutes.

No, please don't try to fly, it could end badly.

I have another idea:

Take a few minutes (I know, that alone is a Superhero task, but try anyway!) and call on your memory.

Recall all the things you've always wanted to do, wanted to do last year, wanted to do last month, wanted to do quickly yesterday, and didn't.

Probably a big gift table, right?

The best thing you can do is make little notes. Don't forget anything, and don't leave anything out. Even if you just wanted to cancel an app and once again didn't make it in time. Also, list phone calls and personal conversations you wanted to have. Write down what ideas you had to move your life or business forward. There will be a few, right...?

You decide how bold you want to be.

Here's the deal. Stand in front of your mountain of notes and look at it calmly. Now take the position of a superhero. Clench your fists and hold them at waist level. Or imitate the lady in the picture. Don't engage in the fear of ridicule, just make sure no one sees you. Or better yet, don't care!

Do it, be a superhero! Superheroine.

Look at the pieces of paper and look the unfinished business firmly in the eye. Tell yourself (and them) that soon, very soon, you will get them done. This is no problem at all for a superhero, you've just had more difficult things to deal with so far, as is the way of superheroes. There's always a fire somewhere...

So now you stand in front of your unfinished tasks and gradually come into your superhero power.

Hold on for 5 minutes with determination.

Let the tasks pass before your mind's eye. Take note of them, and measure how much of your superhero power you will need to complete them. Breathe. Breathe in the superhero power. Grow. When the 5 minutes - or more if you like - have passed (your arms may be shaking a bit now, but that's normal), look again at the tasks and take another deep breath.

Pick up the pieces of paper and look through them. Which ones can you do right here, right now? If there are several to choose from, take the most difficult task, as superheroes do. Look at the task and get into the Superhero pose again. Breathe. Imagine that the task is already done and feel that you have a little more strength now.

Do you still have the strength for a second task?

Awesome. That's how you do it in Gotham City... Superheroes are in demand and entrusted with big things. You already know you have to leave soon to save the world. So don't be squeamish. Put yourself out there. Take the notes and knock them out. One by one. The easiest thing to do last!

And remember that superheroes know no boundaries. " definitely not at home...", "...what will he/she say if...", "'s too late for that...", " am I supposed to manage..." do not belong to the repertoire of a superhero. And you don't seriously believe that a real superhero would say, "...I don't feel like doing that right now!" So don't say it.

Breathe, how's your pose? Are your shoulders slumped again, your back hunched, your head drooping? Look at the picture! And if you realize you can't get the superpower from the pose alone, invest! Buy a costume. At least goggles and gloves and a shawl...

Do you think I'm making fun of you? No, I'm sharing with you what the queen of procrastinators (me) has learned! And when you get it all done, here's the thing about flying. Because when you'll have done all the undone, it will feel like flying!

Here's to a humorous power-filled, got-it-done new year!

Please tell me in the comments how it went for you.


Graphic: Freepik@junoteamllc

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