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The Rough Nights and the I Ching / Episode 11 on January 3rd

Sun/Dui HX 61 Inner Truth


Hello to the penultimate episode of the journey through the rough nights with I-Ging!

The new year is galloping on. I almost forgot it was only 3 days old. Everyday life is a powerful force in our lives. He doesn't make it easy for us to get out of the "rut" and change something. But as they say, you only have to hold out for a few days and then you will have overcome the constant, the recurring. You've been working on this for 10 days now. I want to express my respect for your perseverance and willpower. Even those who have skipped an episode every now and then and are still here today. Fantastic!


Today we encounter The Inner Truth

What this Inner Truth hexagram is about is not difficult to guess. It is a core part of the I Ching. We are already at the 61st place in the book in the process of transformation. That's advanced!


Two Aspects of Inner Truth

On the one hand, The Inner Truth is spoken of as your personal treasure chest. It's like your birthright. It is your inner core, which you can fully rely on, which is always there, which cannot be manipulated (by the ego).

On the other hand, the inner truth is always what has to be found out in a certain situation. It is not immediately visible. Our task is to always find out the inner truth of a matter as a basis for decision-making.


For you already know that a decision made purely on the basis of our external perception is incomplete and can easily result in some form of adverse fate. You have also learned this: The cosmos is benevolent and teaching. If he meets you with an adverse fate, it is only to enable you to make a quick course correction. He offers you the right path and doesn't leave you in the dark for long. It's up to you how long and how hard he has to admonish you.

And finally, you know that this consequence (of doing wrong in the cosmic sense) is bound to happen. And you will remember that it is in your hands to end this adverse fate at any time ( Episode 9 ).


The language of the I Ching is extremely alien to us modern people. The verdict on this hexagram is: "pigs and fishes". Point. With all my imagination I can't think of anything!

Hence the explanation, because it is important: pigs and fish is a metaphor that stands for the totality of our senses. This totality of all senses (inner and outer) is called common sense in the I Ching.


Common sense

The wise, loving cosmic field teaches us that every human being is born with a memory that remembers what cosmic harmony feels like. This memory is stored in every single cell. The name of this touch memory is The Inner Truth.

The function of the human mind is to match the content of a situation with the thinking center and the heart center. It's a pendulum-like back-and-forth motion. The feeling memory contributes the information how the cosmic side of this situation feels. The more routine you become in this process, the easier it will be for you to make the right decisions quickly and safely in the future. This common sense is expressed in our psyche as a clear feeling of yes or no. We can completely trust this feeling.


It is common sense that compares the perceptions of the inner and outer senses.


For example, we turn on our inner sense of sight when we want to get a more accurate picture of a situation. What is it really about? What else is there? How is the picture from a larger perspective? Incidentally, this is also the approach in Focusing: looking inward, connecting with the knowledge of the body.


We follow our inner sense of smell, for example, when we notice that something "stinks" to us, that we are following the "right nose". The internal sense of smell is still fairly familiar to us.


The inner truth of each situation is unique. Nothing is repeated, nothing has ever been there in exactly this way. In this respect, words like "always" or "constantly" have no relevance! I call them the time stoppers. They freeze us in a view, in a situation, in a relationship.

If a situation is inharmonious, it can only be corrected with the help of the sage, by asking him to transform it. We cannot know how many invisible threads are attached to a situation that we cannot perceive. The connections are complex and at the moment exceed our biological imagination. Our work is not to learn the complexity, but to build trust that a knowing cosmos is with us.

Because of this, our efforts that we want to bring about on an external level often don't last. On the other hand, when the sage changes something, it is always a matter of transformation at the atomic level. And this is final.


the thoughts of others

The sage also indicates that we are often plagued by the ulterior motives of others. It doesn't even have to be malicious intent; it is enough if the other person thinks he knows what the inner truth of a certain situation is. He projects and takes the chance to feel the inner truth. The sage reminds us of Inner No! When we feel that something is not "right" about the other person's attitude, we don't try to somehow understand it and force it into a logical construction. We don't judge at all! We speak the inner no to everything that does not vibrate in the cosmic order and ask the wise and the cosmic helpers for cleansing.


Body Mind and Soul

Our culture is strongly influenced by a worldview that sees body, mind and soul as three independent parts. But it's just a concept, it's not a truth. The cosmos sees all things as a unit, nothing is separate from each other.

We often think that our body is only the material shell for spirit and soul. This world view is very old and no longer corresponds to the new era. When we speak of soul, we usually mean that part of us that is immortal.


we are dealing here with a neologism of the collective ego!

It divides man into two aspects, a mortal body and an immortal soul.

The mind is seen as a logical connecting program with the ability to influence in both directions. The sage sees very differently:

Instead of soul, the I-Ching speaks of a true self, which lives on after death as an individualized consciousness. If you missed episode 9, you can find out more there. There it is explained what the individual ego and the collective ego block access to the true self.


The Bond of Inner Truth

The Inner Truth creates a bond between people. This connection is in tune with the cosmos. The Inner Truth harmoniously connects all parts of our body.

The sensory separation of the organs from a body whole is a common cause of unhealthy conditions. As a result, it can happen, for example, that an organ is undersupplied with Chi energy. Here, too, it is reasonable to consider examining one's worldview. You always have the option to ask the wise for help. he shows you the bad posture, he offers you the solution. All you have to do is let your ego out of the game. Humility is the magic word.


It is important that we remember that there is no such thing as THE inner truth.

Every situation, every encounter has its own truth that needs to be felt.

Otherwise it is probably a set of rules of the ego!



(...) Time for your notebook?
  • This concept is not easy for us who have been hearing about the tripartite division of body, mind and spirit for millennia. If we've talked so much about the unity of the cosmos in the last few days, what has that done to your worldview? Do you see things differently today? Have you tried entrusting yourself to the help of the cosmos without secretly throwing out safety lines, "...I can still take the helm..."

  • Can you imagine the idea that a benevolent cosmos regulates our earthly affairs, even if it doesn't translate them into direct action?

  • This is an interesting moment to get in touch with your inner voice. If you have trouble differentiating between inner and outer voices, write a dialogue. Use your left hand (if you are right-handed) to write the inner voice (heart voice). The normal hand writes the thinking voice. It will take some time and probably no one will be able to read it, but that's not what it's designed for. It's a good way to slip past the mind's need for control.



We're almost there! I'm a bit sad that this beautiful journey will soon be over. It was so exciting. Monday is time for your ceremonial fire. Remember to give yourself some time. If you don't remember how to do it, please look HERE again.




I'm already full of anticipation, are you too? Until the next and last episode . 

Warm greetings


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