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I would like to make access to coaching as easy as possible for you. Therefore I have answered some of the frequently asked questions here:

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Are you a certified coach?

Yes, I have studied with US coach Martha Beck and I am certified. I have also studied Focusing. And I am a certified psychological coach. I am certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation).


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Of course, that depends on your request. I recommend an initial meeting so that we can understand your topic and your expectations together. Clients often fall back on a cost-effective 6-pack. In these six online sessions (60 minutes each) we can already achieve a lot. 

Arbeite mit mir


How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Coaching is a matter of trust, therefore I strive for transparency. 


A 30-minute Discovery Call is free.

Instant-Power-Coaching sessions currently cost €80.00. You should have coaching experience.

Individual Sessions currently cost €120,00. 

6 sessions (6-pack) currently cost €580,00.

Booking and payment are easy via the Calendly App, where you can first choose your appointment and then pay it via Paypal. Then you will automatically receive the link to Zoom.


What Coaching Does and Does Not

Coaching is cooperation based on partnership. The client communicates to the coach what they want to achieve. The coach uses tools to help the client explore his own solutions. A coach is not an advisor.

I specialize in the process of decision-making and change. I work with the knowledge of the body (Focusing) to discover solutions that correspond to his personality and deep desires.

Often during coaching, limiting thoughts and habits emerge, which can be resolved with appropriate coaching tools. 

Coaching is a process that begins in the present and is directed toward a positive future.


How is it different from therapy?

A fundamental difference is that a coaching client is not a patient. The client is not looking to a coach for a cure for his or her psyche. In this respect, a coach does not work with issues from the client's past.

Rather, a coach guides his client in finding a way of living his best life. Mindsets, habits, and external influences that stand in the way of this desire are worked on with coaching tools.

Therefore, it is important that a coach has a professional education.


Can I book you as a consultant?


Consultants are characterized by experienced and specialized knowledge in a particular area. They are often very specialized in certain subject areas. They bring knowledge to the client that the client does not have. Consultants often work in the business sector or during the start-up phase of self-employment.


What is your coaching focus?

I have specialized in inner work.

As a fan of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, I have drawn inspiration from the significance of precise inner alignment.

Imagine the flight of an arrow: it reaches its target only when the body, bow, and target are in harmony.

The same applies to life goals. The power for significant goals always comes from within.


What is a Focusing Coach?

Focusing is an approach developed by Eugene Gendlin. It has nothing to do with sharpening an image.  On the contrary, a soft and broad perception of the client´s issue allows for new understanding. Focusing is based on Gendlin's recognition that the body knows everything about us and gladly shares if we make the small effort to listen. As a Focusing coach, I will guide you through this process. Once you understand that your body functions like an inner compass, you will gain ground. It lets you feel what is right for you. I also use this approach in my life coaching.


What is Coaching with an Oracle ?

Zum einen mit den 36 Lenormand Karten, die man sich vorstellen kann, wie ein Storyboard zu einer Lebenssituation. Die Energie der bildlichen Darstellung geht sehr tief. Ich nutze die Karten nicht für Zukunftsvorhersagen.  ​


Ich arbeite zum anderen mit dem Kosmischen I-Ching, einer modernen Fassung des klassischen chinesischen Textes. Das I-Ching gibt uns konkrete Anleitung für inneres Verhalten, das auf die Harmonie der betreffenden Situation ausgerichtet ist. 

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