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My coaching is successful when it helps you!

My vision: You achieve your dreams, overcome obstacles, and reach well-defined goals. As your coach, I will support you in setting these milestones.

The power of dreams: Visions are essential for your progress. I will encourage you to dream big!

Removing obstacles: Along the way, you may encounter old beliefs, doubts, or fears. No problem, we will work through them together.

Implementation: Now it's about motivation and overcoming old patterns of behavior. Don't worry, I'm with you.


Mission accomplished! Coaching makes life so much easier. 

How Do You Know If I'm the Right Coach for You?

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Welcome to My Coaching World 

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About Life Coaching

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Have you ever felt like the things you do just don't seem to fall into place? Don't worry, stay with me – you're in the right place.

Have you ever thought about realigning your life? You are not alone. Welcome to the world of change.

As a Life Coach, I see myself as your guide. I listen deeply and also I am trained to pick up on what is silently resonating. That will be our orientation.

  • What thoughts keep you up at night?

  • What emotions hinder your progress?

  • What false ideas obstruct harmonious relationships with others?

  • Whar keeps you from moving forward?

Questions like this are part of my wonderful work life.  Your solutions are my business. This is my style of Life Coaching.

What are you waiting for?

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The Power of Groups

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When people come together in groups, enriching experiences become possible. The insights go beyond what a person could achieve by herself. You can grow in the mirror of others.


I offer specific workshops around my coaching expertise: the Alignment of the Inner Self. ​


I also organize courses and practice groups centered around the I-Ching. ​


I facilitate circles where a small group meets up over a longer period to co-work on individual concerns. 

Are you inspired?


Focusing - The Art of Listening

Eugene Gendlin has shown us a unique path, Focusing.  As a Focusing Coach, I love to use it with my clients. It involves silent work with the knowledge of your body.

According to Gendlin, this means making our thinking and feeling barriers more permeable to be able to access the core of a problem. 

Your body serves as your inner compass, aware of the direction you aspire to in life if it weren´t for your doubts...

But once you have gained access to this inner knowledge, you will no longer be disturbed by critical voices, neither from external sources nor from within.

There is no other way: Try it!

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Change Your Story

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I have been working with the Lenormand Cards for a long time. There are 36 cards that show us the energetic flow around your topic, both internally and externally.

The creator, Madame Lenormand, lived in 18th-century France and invented the cards to protect her clairvoyance from political and religious censorship. You can consider her card symbols as a storyboard of your current life.

I do not use the cards for fortune-telling. 

Instead, they are meant to reveal who and what influences your life. Often, we discover things that we have simply overlooked.

It is a perfect complement to coaching. After interpreting the card layout, we integrate the results into an effective coaching process.


Let the I-Ching guide you

The Chinese I-Ching, a work over 3000 years old, can be considered a philosophical self-help work.

It is an ancient oracle that answers your questions with concrete suggestions for inner action. You learn where you could think and act differently to make your path easier.

The I-Ching guides us back to our inner truth. It shows us where the ego is at work and distracts us from our true goal. It teaches us where and why our relationships with others are disrupted.

I have seen many of my clients in awe!

I have been using it for over 10 years whenever there is a discrepancy in my life. Today I use it in coaching session with incredible results.

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Respect, curiosity and openness


I believe that all things have a consciousness. And therefore a relationship with each other. This belief expresses itself as respect for nature, for all people, and for myself.

As a coach, I use this perspective as a valuable supplement for intuitively sensing new paths and possibilities in my clients' lives. Our feelings are important messengers. We don't always have to get rid of them. Sometimes they are just looking for the right place.

Coaching is a creative partnership. It relies as much on a feeling process as on a thinking one. Both aspects complement each other perfectly. 

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