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Welcome to my coaching world 

Coaching is one of the gifts of these times.

There are many different orientations. This can be confusing.

That is why I have gathered some helpful information about my work. Enjoy!


The Magic of a Shared Space 

With each coaching session, we create a shared space. This space is unique, it is healing and worth protecting.

We both put our best into it.


This space is personal. Everything that is spoken here is not only subject to confidentiality but above all gifts us with freedom from judgment. Everything is allowed to be. This room exists in the now. It has a door that leads to your desired future.

Part of my job is to listen deeply.

To listen between the lines and to let you know what I was able to hear. That is a gift. When I will say this back to you, new worlds will open up for you. 


The language of your body (Focusing) plays a big role in my work. I mirror back what it wants to tell you. You will understand these messages better than I will. Because they concern your life. And nobody knows your life better than you do.

You cannot make up your mind?

That's a good insight. 

Make it easy for yourself and book a non-binding and free first consultation with me.

I am looking  forward to these 30 minutes. 


 Powerful  QuestionS 

Life coaching is a creative process between the two of us.


The trusting space causes your thoughts and feelings to show themselves freely. 

The power of open questions makes it possible for you to explore old and deep-seated thoughts so you can dissolve them. As a certified coach, I have the tools to do this.

"Who would I be if I didn't think this thought...?



Your body knows everything about you

Focusing is communication with our body. It is quiet, deep, and very effective. You will be surprised by what your body knows about you. It knows your inner guiding star and where you actually want to go in life. 

It overlooks all the overlays and fears that we often put in the way of that desire.

Your body is your best advisor and it is always available to you.

Let's start learning its language.


Looking Forward

Madame Lenormand lived in an unyielding time. In 18th-century France, she had to disguise her clairvoyant and spiritual abilities. The cards she developed contain her deep knowledge of context. 


I am not interested in "predicting" anything, but I am interested in tracking the direction of your energy. What is the magnet you are drifting towards? It is good for yo?


And that's how I use the cards in my coaching sessions: to see relationships between events, thought structures, and people differently. 


Feel, not Think

From here on, you don't need to think anymore.

Your decision is made.

Just feel it.


Everything is Consciousness

I am a seeker. I open myself to the unknown. That's how I came to study energetic work. It is a worldview that could have a meaningful place in our coaching sessions. 


Sometimes it is the radiance of a person that shines beyond all boundaries. Often it is a frequency. The voice, for example. An intonation or a speech idiosyncrasy that gives us valuable clues toward a solution.


People react differently to this kind of work. Sometimes they reject it. And that's okay.

Or they are attracted to it.  And that's wonderful. 

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