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Authentic, courageous, and flexible

My biggest wish is to help people find contentment.

I have learned that this requires inner work. Our thinking and feelings need to be re-aligned, much like tuning an instrument.

I am fascinated by people and their stories. Where do they come from, and where do they want to go? I incorporate a shamanic, spiritual, and professional background into my coaching.

I love this journey!

Would you like to join me?



Arbeite mit mir


From Director to Coach

I wanted to become a film director.

The number of naysayers was overwhelming. "You can't do that...", "How will you make a living...?"

Despite the doubts, I pursued film studies in America and spent most of my professional life working as a director, writer, and producer.

I know the power that propels us toward where our dreams reside. That's how I made the leap to become a Life Coach. I didn't let pessimists or my own fears hold me back!

I spent several years in professional training, I am now ICF-certified and I am happy to pass on what I know. 

I have a daughter who wanted to become a writer. As parents, that initially gave us a shock. It suddenly struck me, that our culture leaves little space for talents to flourish. 

It was through coaching that I was able to readjust my thinking. I could help my daughter. And now I help others. 

This, to me, is happiness.

I'm delighted that you're here, and I get to share this with you.


I am a courageous optimist. I am also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), which I discovered through coaching. It has enriched my life and turned out to be an intuitive gift I can share with clients. 



I studied and lived in Los Angeles for over ten years. Fun Fact: I worked on many early music videos. Among them was McHammer's "Let's Turn This Mother Out." My Talk.


Get to know me 


During one of my journeys as a director, I met a shaman in South America. This encounter sparked my interest in shamanism. Since then, my approach to coaching is deeply rooted in respect for Mother Earth and all my fellow humans. 


I have left the big metropolises and live with my husband in the middle of a nature reserve. My office is an old log cabin with a great view. From here I work with clients from all over the world.

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Arbeite mit mir


Work on your imagination,
not on your limits

Once you have experienced the possibilities of life coaching, you will keep coming back to it.

  • At critical turning points in your life

  • When you have experienced a loss

  • When an important decision demands clarity

  • When you want to bring a significant dream into your life

  • When you are no longer sure of the purpose of your work

  • When you want to align your life with your values

  • Or when you want to live without anxiety.


You are just one click away.

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