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Magic in the Age of AI

Most people have heard the name I - Ching, but it is not common in our culture. Allow me to offer an inroad to what I feel is:


One of the best self-steering tools for inner harmony.

The I-Ching is an oracle. We can inquire about our everyday sorrows, our conflicts, and our relational knots. 

We will get suggestions to correct our inner holdings and we will receive inspiration for re-thinking our wants and must-haves. We will gain a new perspective on how plentiful "enough" really feels. 


We will get concrete tips on how to change what makes us feel bad. Always with the intention to create harmony- for you and thus for the whole.

Considering that it took the Taoist masterminds about 3000 years to create it, we may chip in a dab of patience to learn the mechanism of the I-Ching for self-cultivation, don´t you think?

My Personal Journey

Rear View

The book was given to me many years ago. When I first looked at it, I stashed it away on my bookshelf, thinking I would never read it. However, it persistently demanded my attention until I finally gave in. It was...


one of the best decisions of my life

Soon came a time when I began rising early in the morning to seek guidance from the I-Ching. I realized that it wasn't merely about finding answers to specific questions. It was even more about establishing a trusting relationship with what I call the Cosmos.

My life changed direction, speed, and purpose

Looking Ahead

I arrived at the profound belief that its simple teachings can make the world a better place, and it fills me with awe. Even the slightest progress excites me.


Any emotional turmoil finds its way to tranquility

As a coach, I dream of kindling a spark and inspiring others.

I hope to incorporate these profound insights into my clients' journey of self-exploration. Healing can happen when we can share this benevolent, loving, and spiritual environment.

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Trust the Universe. It is undivided, unbiased, and immortal.


How Does The I-Ching Make My Life Easier?

Chances are you are a Seeker, like me. In times as crazy as ours, people are looking for reliable anchors to stay calmly aligned. Are you?

Let's dig deeper. Even though we all want to connect, engage, and support others, we do not want to give up our way of life.

I don't.

We all need a worldview; we all need a connection to a bigger frame, no matter what we call it. We need to be braced. We love purpose, ease, relief, and inner calm.

You may have found it.

The I-Ching will re-align you with your inner truth


It always supports the talented, gifted, and unique being you are. Oh yes, this human will make mistakes and will try and fail, but the principles that flow from the Cosmos will hold you. No guilt, no punishment; only corrections.  

Your investment is hearing about the principles. Your gain is to receive stabilizing, heart-opening, and very practical guidance.

Please hear me out. There is more.




Just what is the I-Ching? 

I had been looking around in the spiritual world for a couple of years in an attempt to find like-minded people and to find a reliable, non-dogmatic guiding system. A line of reference.

I-Ching means Book of Changes. 

The basic teaching is that there are two root energies: Yang and Yin.

Yang is the creative, active, progressive ascending energy.

Yin expresses the dark, absorbing, and decreasing energy.  

These two principles are not opposites. They co-exist in total harmony. The things we encounter in life - loss, crisis, ill health, and emotional disruptions throw these forces out of balance. Understanding the reason for the imbalance opens the road to re-alignment.

The I-Ching expresses these two energies in two lines. The solid line for the Yang energy, and the broken line for the Yin energy. Your inquiry will result in a bundle of six such lines. There are 64 combinations of these lines; they are called Hexagrams.


The I-Ching book is a master key to understanding those combinations. 


Once a month! 90 minutes of exploring the deeper frame of life

Die Anmeldung zur Membership steht in Kürze zur Verfügung. Wir arbeiten daran. 



Effortless Alignment

Because the I-Ching relies on energetic principles and not on moral teachings it is still valid in this age of superchanges. 

The I-Ching has no other intention but to help us back to finding our personal destiny. Living it will enhance the great Whole. Only when we go against these energetic principles may we run into what it's called Fate. Fate is not punishment. It is guidance. You can end it instantly at the point of recognition or it will upon completion of cycle. 

There are many interpretations of the original I-Ching. One of those is the "I-Ching, The Cosmic Oracle" by Carol K. Anthony and Hanna Moog. This book offers clear and simple explanations AND it offers a deprogramming technique that helps us to dissolve limiting beliefs and haywire emotions.

You can study the TAO as deeply as you wish. There are many healing aspects (like TCM), and there is an astrological approach to it.

But it is not required to work with the I-Ching. 


Your Best Future

I have been teaching about the I-Ching for several years now. There was a lot of learning on my side as to how to best communicate this work. 

It got easier over the years because I kept subtracting things. The principles are so simple, we do not need to dive all the way to the ocean´s ground. We can, as time progresses. And believe me, it is an awesome journey.

Slowly a community has evolved and I am now making it easier.

As of Fall 2023, I will offer a membership, which allows you to dive as deeply as you want. 

It will be affordable, and simple and it offers more for those who are really tuning in.



Once a month! 90 minutes of exploring the deeper frame of life

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