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Schläfst du genug?

Wenn dich das Thema interessiert, hast du vielleicht Spaß daran, mich bei meinem Buch-Projekt zu unterstützen. 

Das Buch heißt "Midnight Mountain" (Der Mitternachtsberg) und beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Schlaf und den weitreichenden Auswirkungen auf unser Leben. 


Um das Buch mit konkreten Erfahrungen zu untermauern, brauche ich deine Hilfe!

Darf ich dich zu einem 30-minütigen Interview einladen, in dem wir über deine persönlichen Erfahrungen mit dem Schlafen und Träumen sprechen können?


Wenn du dich anmeldest, erhältst du automatisch einen Zoom-Link. Als Dankeschön biete ich dir kostenloses Coaching an, das der Dauer unseres Interviews entspricht.

Selbstverständlich respektiere ich deine Privatsphäre respektiere und werde alle Ergebnisse unseres Gesprächs vertraulich behandeln. 

Wenn du dich anmeldest, erhältst du automatisch einen Zoom-Link.

"Hello, I am Birgit Kersting,
Welcome to the  Midnight Mountain!"

Something about myself: "I worked as a director for many years. In 2018 I made a radical change of direction. I became a coach. I have been training for more than 5 years. Today I am ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified , am a certified Wayfinder Life Coach and Focusing Coach. I started as a psychological coach. I work online, in German and English and serve clients worldwide. ​


My coaching focus:"My coaching work focuses on Inner Work, Personal Growth and Inner Guidance. I help clients with their decision making, anxiety and sleep issues." ​


The book project"I'm currently working on a book about thoughts and feelings that keep us from sleeping. This is Midnight Mountain. I'm looking for input from potential readers.  I hope my book will give people valuable insights about why we spend sleepless nights thinking about unimportant things and how not to.


That's why I'm asking you for your experiences. Please take a look at my project and sign up for an approximately 30-minute interview."

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The idea of the book 

TheMidnight Mountain  is a metaphor for the nighttime experience when our thoughts and feelings spin in circles and build up in front of us like a mountain. We create it through negative thinking and fear that deprives us of sleep. It should be a book that serves as a navigation aid.


"Where is your mountain?

how tall is he

How do you get up and down?"​ ​


Themes related to sleep and anxiety

The book explores causes of poor sleep and the fear of it. These include, for example, trivial thoughts that can spiral out of control, or heart-pounding fears about the future, or perhaps the tendency to invent frightening scenarios that keep us awake even though they are unlikely to ever materialize.

This mountain has a great influence on our daily form. On feelings, moods and performance. If we learn to understand it, we can overcome it. 

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All animals, from insects and single-celled organisms to fish, birds, mammals and humans, need sleep.  The biological importance of sleep is well documented. A person needs about eight hours of sleep, ideally evenly spaced around midnight. ​


But our culture developed differently. We sleep too little, and the possibility of traveling large distances across time zones has a great influence on our internal clock, the circadian rhythm!  The important second sleep phase in the afternoon is not part of everyday working life more is possible. ​


In our interview  I would like to know how often you experience the midnight mountain, what kind of thoughts keep you awake and what solutions you have found for yourself. The exciting thing is that almost everyone I speak to knows this midnight mountain well!

That's why I'm asking.


We know that sleep has a significant impact on our health, including coronary problems, mobility, energy, emotional states and our body's ability to heal itself. ​

During the three different stages of sleep, our brain works to sort, declutter, and structure our memories by moving files from short-term to long-term storage. If we shorten or interrupt these sleep phases, this process is severely disrupted, which can negatively affect our well-being. ​


In our interviewwould  like to hear about your personal sleeping habits and experiences.



There are many theories as to why and how we dream, and I'll leave it to the scientific community to come up with definitive answers. I'm not a researcher, I'm a coach. ​


However, since I often work with dreams in my coaching, I would like to use part of the book to bring the potential and the messages of our dreams closer to the reader.


​'Why did you come to me at this point in time?' 'Why do they keep coming back?'

'What are you telling me?' ​


If you dream a lot and dream themes are repetitive, I wouldin our interviewlike to hear about it. ​ By the way, a short dream analysis could be a great coaching session. ​

A little thank you!

I hope that you can benefit from my book soon.

But before that happens, I want to offer you something of value. As a thank you for your time, I offer you a free coaching session equal to the length of our interview.

It's my way of saying thank you. 

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