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About Abundance

Dear Blog Friends, Dear Coaching Fans,

It is always a topic: abundance. We count and compare our possessions. We draw power from it. We alienate ourselves from others that way.

Are we drawing false conclusions about our future, just because we cannot have all the things that we are used to having?

Such an understanding of abundance causes fears for the future. That is why I would like to dedicate this blog to abundance.

In northern Germanic mythology, Fulla, the namesake of abundance, was the servant of the goddess Frigg with the task of guarding her precious jewelry box. Perhaps we took this too literally? Perhaps we forgot that this box contains magic?

The Kahuna, the scholars of Hawaii, say that abundance means health, an intact nature, clean water, mighty volcanoes, deep forests, good friends, and laughing children.

I was particularly touched by the latter, laughing children. I thought about it and wondered: is that even one of our goals, that our children are laughing? It seems to me that we think more about how to prepare them for promising careers. We are preparing them for material security, which we equate (confuse?) with a carefree life. But is it really?

Even when it already dawns on us that this quality has become unreliable, we seem to hold on to it. Few people practice inner abundance. We spend little time introducing our children to their inner powerhouse. A powerhouse that can adapt to most external circumstances without losing its joy. Change simply becomes part of a natural flow. There is no need for fear.

If you ask an inhabitant of the Western world about abundance, he will most likely name material values. What he already has, what else he would like to get, and how he could achieve it. It is rather a lifestyle than an enjoyment of what is right now.

Our view does not open to the beauty around us, instead, we focus on an inner list of things we still have to do. Always will have to do. We become restless, and out of alignment. Our body has to fall back on its energy reserves and weakens. A knee, a foot, an internal organ.

We no longer even think that these could be signs calling us to pause. This condition can be compensated for a while with modern medicines, but for how long? And why...?

It seems to me that we can't even enjoy our (Western-defined) abundance. There is no time for that. When we have what we wanted, we want more. We live in a complex and unreliable relationship field of give-you-me, then-give-I-you. The great power of man is his feelings. If we overlay them with wanting, we lose access to this wonderful... fullness?

I recently walked around the lake with a neighbor. It was a windless, crystal-clear winter day. I just had to stop. Breathe. Flow.

My neighbor reached for his cell phone and turned away from the water so he could see (without reflection) what the world was shouting at him.

Nothing in particular.

So we kept walking. He didn't turn around once, he couldn't yet accept the abundance.

I could hear his breath. Short gasps, too much force. I could feel how hard his heart was pumping. I slowed down. That triggered him to reach for his cell phone again I recognize myself in moments like this. I think to myself, how often do you actually do this the same way? Rushing through days and appointments and not hearing that the birds are already returning.

This is not about rejecting material values. On the contrary, the Kahuna say, what you reject, you cannot attract. Life is about flowing movement. Exchange.

Recognize, inhale. Release again, exhale. Holding on requires a lot of force. It weakens us, sooner or later.

For me, abundance is an important issue.

I believe that with a change of perspective, we could achieve more inner freedom. How often do we ask ourselves: how can we ever stop this gigantic wheel that we have created as humanity? The image that wants to arise in my mind's eye is that of a child chewing on a blade of grass and watching the clouds. It is laughing.

Living in abundance is a learning process. Deceleration. We have forgotten what it truly is.

Especially because everything is changing so rapidly on the outside we need to find a center within ourselves. That is physics.

The reward is freedom from fears, courage to decelerate, and above all a loving togetherness. If there were no one to give to this would be a sad world.

Abundance is what we give. The movement of the sower's hand is a sweeping, blessing form of sharing. What a beautiful movement!

The Kahuna teach 7 principles of abundance.

I have created a workshop around these 7 principles. They are simple! Nothing complicated. If we understand how to integrate them into our everyday life, we will begin to feel better. We can have an impact on the abundance that surrounds us.

SAVE THE DATE: April 1, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, online.

I would love for you to share this blog post.

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