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About the Value of the Inner Pearl

Hello dear blog friends,

Today I'm talking about the value of the inner pearl. It's about how we can take a concern, something that is very much on our mind, and put it into a tangible form. Sometimes it's a loss, sometimes it's a conflict, but every once in a while something shows up as a recurring pattern. It feels like a tangled ball of yarn. You can't find a beginning or an end. This realization creates anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. We may think, "why should I work on it if it does come back ?"

Usually at this point I refer to the Cosmic I- Ching, the guideline in my life. I'll write more about that soon, but today the answer is different. And so the pearl comes into play. (Here my photo is a bit misleading, here I have succumbed to the artistic. We don't need hundreds of pearls, one is enough, just one).

Where does the pearl come from? What does it have to do with my conflicts? How will it help me to untangle the inner ball of wool?

One of the more sensitive tasks in coaching collaboration is to understand one of the inner languages. There are people who like to stay in the cognitive world. They look for answers in the left, rational hemisphere of the brain. This happens especially when the concern is more about a concrete decision, "...should I turn left or right?" "Do I take the new job or not?"

In other cases, it is not as easy to get to the core of an issue. Then I like to opt for the language of the right hemisphere of the brain. We go directly to our feeling state- the good old gut feeling. We will first try to protect it from the influences of the rational side, which often show up as doubts. "You can't just...!" "If everyone did that, where would we get..." "You're irresponsible!..." Or even like this: "It's pointless anyway...!" "This is child's play..."

Let's get out of here.

Of course, the body plays a supporting role again. It is the essential instance that can give us an unadulterated answer that corresponds to our inner truth. As a Focusing Coach, I have intensively learned to communicate with the body and I often and gladly resort to it in my life coaching sessions as well. It's these quiet moments that count. Moments that feel like we are sinking deep into fresh snow. In the depths of our consciousness lie the answers we so desperately need. This is not just about short-term questions, most of the time it's about really fundamental things. "Am I on the right track at all or is my train racing somewhere I might not want to arrive...?" This is often the reason why we can't reach our supposedly important goals.

Back to the pearl.

In tan approach of questions and answers we gather all the essentials around your concern. We approach the core from different perspectives and in the process it already becomes apparent how multi-layered and how complex even "small issues" can be. This "sweeping together" is a clarifying process. My questions very often surprise the client and suddenly a new door opens for him.

If the client is motivated, if he wants to continue on this path, we dive deeper. We are now well on the way to the pearl. We are now looking for a bracket for everything that has shown itself and still wants to show itself. We are looking for a symbolization for our big or small problem with all its attachments. For this I guide the client to close his eyes, to listen into the body and to search specifically for a metaphor, a symbol for all that.

One particular time it was a pearl. The client was able to connect his feelings about his issue with this image, he had found a representation. In the next step we went into the description of the pearl. Color, size, appearance. We even ventured inside the pearl and found a protective space there. A space, free from everything that pressures us from the outside.

In its simplicity, this symbol is very accessible. I can fins myself in a traffic jam and use the time to dedicate this time to the inner pearl. I bring out its image to seize the moment for a short inner excursion. Don't worry, the external senses will tell us when the traffic is moving again. But this moment of contemplation, of encountering our subject in an abstracted form, is healing. Self-healing.

That is the value of the inner pearl.

It is unique. It is the best symbolization for me that there is. It is open and shows me something new with every encounter. I penetrate deeper and deeper to finally arrive at my silent center. There, conflicts dissolve. They evaporate.

I love working with metaphors. They are so special, so personal, and so open. We don't always have to go deep into our story, which we've probably told many, many times and which may have taken on a life of their own. Parts of it have long since ceased to belong to me.

No, we leave our story for a new inner world.

Click here for a free initial consultation. From there it is not far to your first own pearl. I will be waiting for you and looking forward to everything that may arise.

Best regards and leave me your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comments,


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