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Hello, hello,

after a period of silence, I am getting back to you. It would not be right if I said that I have been too busy, or have been busy with other important things. No, I was in another world. I was thinking, I was rearranging things, I was refocusing.

This pre-Christmas time is wonderful for me to move back toward you. Hello, my dear ones! I extend my warmest greetings to you.


There is a bit of celebration going on. For one thing, I've been working in my "hut" for a year now, working in nature with people from many parts of the world. Gratitude. Gratitude! I have to admit this was a gift from Corona. Otherwise, I would still have an office in the city and commute every day. Lockdown has taken me to a place I wouldn't otherwise know. My online world. I've also since found a compatible way of dealing with social media, I don't have to do everything and always be ready and post everywhere. A natural rhythm has emerged.

Then, since the beginning of November, I have had my certification as a Wayfinder Life Coach and I am very proud of it. I thank Martha Beck for everything she has provided for us, I thank her for the uncountable books she has read to pass on what is important to us. I have met exciting people and a perspective that will guide us with ease through the rapid changes of the coming years. I thank my mentor Sheryl Shields from Chicago who has such a wonderful laugh that any problem melts before it. She has given me the finishing touches and I thank her for that.


I thank my daughter, Lea Lou (aka Livre Lou), who is just modeling for me how to achieve new goals when you live in alignment with your inner guiding star. Only then, right then, every door is open, chi energy renews and everything flows. Pantha rei.


I thank the Sage and the Cosmic Helpers who speak to me from the I-Ching and illuminate my healthy center line. With the book author* Hanna Moog I am preparing a podcast these days, which deals with the topic "deprogramming". The cosmic I-Ching does not only show us the way, it also offers us the possibility to leave the heavy burdens behind us.

On January 21, 2023, I will give an introductory course in English for the first time. I have been practicing with the English book for a few months. It is like learning again.


And by the way, the English podcast is new, also born in silence, and called: Little House of Meditations. Due to a corona infection and subsequent bronchitis, I have not been able to "launch" yet. My voice just sounds bad. But I am healing and will inform you as soon as there are good things to hear.


When you write it all down, you realize that you have done quite a bit. (Not just goofing around and not writing blogs...) I have started a Facebook group, BetterME gently, and am learning how to do that. To all who have already signed up, I sincerely thank you and again invite you to post to the group.


From my side, a lot of it is flowing into the world right now. I know the power of this emotion and I wish for it to spread everywhere. I wish it to be contagious and spread to all of us. We need a lot of strength right now and gratitude is strengthening energy.

I wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season, enjoy it in an appropriate way and don't let yourself drift.

Many greetings,


Translated with DeepL

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